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A glimpse at our remarkable 2023

Sports Pitch Projects

In the realm of sports pitch construction and maintenance, the year 2023 has been a testament to our unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. Having the mission to be the partner of choice for sports pitch development across the South of England, we undertook a series of transformative projects, making a lasting mark on various institutions and organisations. Let’s explore the highlights of some of our exceptional endeavours over the past year.

Fleet Town FC: Sustaining Excellence

Our commitment to providing unmatched services was embodied through our ongoing seeding, maintenance, and renovation services at Fleet Town FC. With specialised stadium match cuts, we ensured that the pitches are maintained at the peak of their performance, allowing athletes to excel in their sport. Additionally, our dedication to performance has made us an integral part of the sporting journey at Fleet Town FC.

Ashmole Academy: Elevating Standards


Our expertise was essential in resurfacing a full-size 3G pitch at Ashmole Academy, meticulously aligning it with the demanding standards set by the Football Association (FA). This project symbolises our commitment to enhancing the sporting infrastructure for educational institutions. Moreover, our dedication to durability and precision guarantees that the players can now engage in the beautiful game on a surface that matches their passion and dedication.

Cowplain School: Building Futures


At Cowplain School, our team successfully completed the construction of a comprehensive sports pitch, featuring a meticulously designed long jump facility. By ensuring the highest construction standards, we contributed to creating a space that fosters athletic talent and encourages the spirit of healthy competition. Likewise, our work at Cowplain School reflects our dedication to creating spaces that inspire the next generation of sporting talents.

Graven Hill: Setting New Standards

In association with Sport England’s rigorous guidelines, we constructed two cutting-edge football pitches at Graven Hill. Meeting Sport England’s Type 4 specifications, these pitches represent our commitment to precision and innovation. Moreover, our team’s dedication to quality and attention to detail ensured that these pitches are not just fields but arenas where athletes thrive, and excellence is nurtured.

Katharine Lady of Berkeley’s School: Fostering Sporting Excellence


Dedicated to the holistic development of young athletes, we built a state-of-the-art polymeric long jump facility and shot-put circle at Katharine Lady of Berkeley’s School. This facility stands as a testament to our belief in creating environments that inspire athletic growth and achievement. In the same way, following the highest standards of construction, we provided the students with an arena that encourages the pursuit of sporting dreams.

Looking Ahead


As we reflect on the triumphs of the past year, we are invigorated by the opportunities that lie ahead. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to innovation will continue to drive us as we aim to raise the bar even higher in the world of sports pitch construction, maintenance, and renovation. With each project, we strive to leave an enduring legacy of precision, durability, and sustainability, solidifying our position as the ultimate choice for all sports pitch needs in the South of England.


In this selection of our 2023 projects, we showcase our dedication to excellence and innovation in the realm of sports pitch construction and maintenance.


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