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Maximising Tree Planting For Your Sports Field

Did you know that as well as creating and maintaining sports pitches, we also plant trees and hedges? Although what might seem like an unlikely match at first, trees and bushes provide a variety of benefits to your athletes, audience, and premises. Let’s explore how, and why, you can incorporate them to improve your surroundings.

Why plant trees around your sports pitches?

Let’s start with why, obviously they look great! But let’s delve further than just the aesthetics of trees and examine the benefits they bring with them. 

  1. Protection from the weather: Trees are a great provider of shade for players and spectators alike. This is an important factor if you find your facilities being used a lot during the hotter months of the year. Conversely, during winter they can act as a windbreak to help reduce the impact of those bitterly arctic winds we get. 
  2. Improved air quality: We all know that trees are the lungs of the earth, so it makes sense that by having some around your pitch will helpthe air quality to improve. This can only be a good thing for your players. 
  3. Provides a home for nature: Of course, the knock-on effect is it’s good for wildlife too. As havens for all creatures (a fully grown oak tree can harbour up to 2,300 species to eat, shelter, and breed.

When is the right time to plant trees?

Tree planting - The team ready to plant

If you’re ready to start planting trees, late Autumn and Winter into early Spring is the best time for bare-root hedge and tree planting. Because bare-rooted varieties are lighter in weight they require less digging.

Additionally, during this period, trees and bushes are dormant. This dormancy allows them to focus on establishing their root systems in their new home, rather than putting energy into their foliage. 

Also, due to the cooler temperatures and higher moisture levels in the soil, trees will experience less stress compared to summer-planted trees. This will increase their chances of survival. The higher moisture levels during winter mean a reduced need for watering. This helps both water supplies and your finances. 

How do you choose the right tree?

When it comes to selecting the right tree for your sports facility, we would always consider the surrounding environment and look to see what the native species are. While most trees can grow in a range of conditions, some will prefer a particular soil over others. Prioritising native species to your area means they will be more receptive to your soil, but also your native climate conditions, giving them a better chance of survival. If you are looking at planting a lot of trees, we would always recommend using a mix of native species to encourage as much bio-diversity as possible.

Consideration should also be given to the root structure, as these may have the potential to impact buildings, paths and pitches. Additionally, think about what type of canopy would be most suitable for your area.

The key is planning ahead

Right now is the best time to start planning. With a wealth of arboricultural knowledge, we know each environment is different. We would be happy to advise on which species would be best, and which would thrive, in your local soil and weather conditions. As popular species can sell out fast, it’s important to get in there early to secure the right ones for your area. It will also give us time to survey the area to fell or remove any existing vegetation and prepare the area to ensure the very best chance for your new arrivals.

We are ready to help

If you are thinking about planting trees, rest assured that you are in capable hands. At Kestrel, we have a wealth of experience having planted trees and hedges of all shapes and sizes, from tiny 6inch “whips” to well-developed 2-metre-tall trees, and even substantial 6-metre trees. We have helped housing developers and councils bring beautifully designed “Public Open Spaces” from design to realisation with open grass areas framed with hedges and avenues of trees.

If you need to incorporate tree and hedge planting into your sports area, fill out the form below and get in touch. We will be happy to talk it through.

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