A much green pitch thanks to overseeding

Overseeding – the key to a fuller pitch

We hate patchy grass. It doesn’t look great, nor does it look healthy. Plus, from a sports performance point of view, it’s never the best surface to play on and can be dangerous In our previous blogs we have discussed the importance of spring maintenance for your pitch and delved into the impact aeration can have. But to ensure you have a resilient pitch with good grass coverage you will also need to overseed.

What is overseeding?

Put simply, overseeding is the process of planting grass seeds over an existing pitch to encourage a fuller, thicker, and healthier grass coverage. It is particularly beneficial in areas of your pitch that have become patchy or tufty over time.

Banish those bare areas

All pitches are prone to bare areas, these will naturally develop due to general wear and tear of the pitch, potential pests, and environmental stress. By introducing new grass seeds into the existing turf, you will increase the natural density of the grass. This thicker density will help to create a more robust playing surface and suppress weeds by reducing the available space and resources for them. It will also provide you with a better-looking pitch as well.

Getting the seed mix right

It needs to be said that it’s not just a case of throwing down grass seed and hoping for the best. Here at Kestrel, we have developed our own seed mix based on our years of experience. Unique to us, our carefully curated seed mix has been designed to provide a: 

  • Combination of 4 different resurfaces 
  • Dark Green in Winter and Summer 
  • Hard Wearing 
  • High Shoot Density 
  • Good Disease Resistance
  • Good Post Winter Recovery 

Additionally, because our seed mix is made up of several different varieties it is more resistant against pests, diseases, and other environmental stress factors. Providing you with the confidence you need for the forthcoming season. 

Overseeding will save you money in the long run

It’s not just your pitch you can keep healthy through overseeding, it can have a positive impact on your finances as well. Compared to a more extensive pitch renovation or replacement, overseeding is relatively low cost. It requires less time, effort, and resources while still providing you with the same highlevel benefits. 

Part of a wider process

Overseeding is just one part of the process. Like aeration, it should not be used by itself but as a wider part of your Spring maintenance programme. If you need help with your pitches, get in touch and we would be happy to talk through the Spring maintenance of your pitch.

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